It’s no secret that bookkeeping is one of the least-fun things about operating a business. Clean Finances helps businesses and nonprofits reclaim their time and focus on leading business endeavors by taking care of their bookkeeping endeavors from start to finish. They use dedicated and professional Client Success Coordinators to help clients clean up their books and answer any questions the client might have along the way. They’ve created their own custom dashboard to help every client have a better snapshot of their numbers through a clean and easy-to-read interface that’s automatically updated each week. Their dashboard is mobile-friendly, so businesses have the ability to know their numbers down to the penny - anytime, anywhere.
— Common Desk

The Reviews Are In

Amazing accounting group. They knew exactly what I wanted and even got it done under budget. The monthly bookkeeping they offer keeps you focused on what’s important instead of worrying about if this or that got reconciled or counted. Great stress reliever. Highly recommended.
Being able to entrust our finances to qualified and integrous people who take pride in providing a wonderful service has been the best choice we could have made for our company.
Contact time with donors and prospects is my primary responsibility. Outsourcing our bookkeeping to Clean Finances allows me to maximize my time and to stay focused on this goal.
Very professional but down to earth and relatable. Love this company.
They are very friendly, efficient and simplify the bookkeeping process for any organization.
The Clean Finances team is made up of people who care about people. This team is genuinely caring and integrous.
These guys are young, but experienced. Structured, but innovative. Intelligent, but relatable. Hard-working, but fun to interact with. All-in-all, if you need your books done right, you can depend on Clean Finances to take care of you.
Best customer service.
I only have to give a few minutes a month to examine my account, without having to do any hands on work. It’s a benefit to organizations who don’t have the budget for admin and still have accurate accounting.
Clean Finances is the best due to their attention to detail and clarity of where they are taking the company. The provide true value to their customer!
Commitment to excellence, a passion to serve, and a strategy to help all make Clean Finances the best startup in Dallas. I know and have worked with these guys, and you just can’t beat their quality attitudes. Doubtless, big things lie ahead for them in their future!
They provide a valuable service that also helps other organizations to thrive. Innovative, professional, personal with character.
They are filling a very fundamental need in a practical way.
Clean Finances is a very innovative concept that I feel is in high demand. Any successful company needs to have their finances in order and I believe there is none better than Brandon Briscoe and his team to make this happen.
Smart, clean approach to bookkeeping. Fantastic service for businesses outsourcing their accounting.